Helen Wolfson: hammered dulcimer
bedside musician, performer, and teacher

As a hammered dulcimer player, I am a solo performer, part of a performing duo (Constellation) with my husband, and a Certified Music Practitioner®.

• As a solo performer, I play at weddings, celebrations, receptions, and the like, offering a wide variety of musical entertainment that ranges from ragtime to classical to Celtic.
• As part of Constellation, I play in places like coffeehouses, restaurants, churches, festivals, and fundraisers. We play an eclectic blend of acoustic music ranging from our original music to Celtic, to country, and beyond.
• As a Certified Music Practitioner®, I play at bedside in hospitals, residential facilities, and private homes as well as in memorial services. The relaxing music that I provide in such venues offers healing, solace, pain relief, and stress relief to patients and their families.

Each of these roles — solo performer, part of a duo, and music practitioner® — is an important part of my life as a musician.

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